Diversity and Inclusion

Since 2004, Jamie has been working with middle school, high school, and college audiences to build inclusive and justice-centered communities while empowering participants in his workshops, keynotes, and trainings with the knowledge and skills to stand up to prejudice, bigotry, and hate. Jamie offers keynotes, half-day and full day programming, and long-term consultation on issues of diversity, inclusion, power, oppression, and privilege. Rather than a passive ideology, Jamie's message stresses that if we want to change the world around us, we must start with ourselves.

The Wall

Jamie's most popular workshop and keynote, The Wall challenges participants to see themselves as the agents of change in building truly inclusive communities.



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High-Impact Workshops

Jamie offers a variety of powerful workshops for middle schools, high schools, colleges, and universities that offer tools, skills, and insights guaranteed to help participants see themselves as agents of positive change in their community.


The Privilege Inventory - This workshop engages participants to consider the ways in which their identity does and does not afford them privilege in their community and wider society in hopes of mitigating those privileges through awareness and action.

Identity Listening - Offering tools for active listening as a tool for creating more inclusive community, Identity Listening is a workshop that, when paired with the Privilege Inventory, plays a powerful role in helping participants understand the vital role listening plays in working for justice and inclusion.

In addition to workshops like The Privilege Inventory and Identity Listening, Jamie regularly tailors workshops to meet your community's specific needs.

Student Diversity Stewards

Not simply a leadership training, Student Diversity Stewards gives students the insights and tools to become agents for inclusiveness and positive change in their community.  Trainings can last from 1 hour to whole-day trainings, and multiple-day trainings can be tailored to your student body.  Young people have powerful understandings of justice, so empowering them with the tools to build a more inclusive community is one of the best ways to realize a more inclusive, bullying-free, and achievement-focused culture and climate in school.

“Jamie Utt is not your typical speaker.
Our staff was excited after his staff development
presentation, and after his assembly, a group
of devoted student leaders have formed an
organization to continue the mission for
diversity at our school. Jamie’s message will
continue to be a part of our school’s desire to
combat intolerance for a long time to come.”

- Diane Fitz, Counselor
Richmond Burton Community High School
Richmond, IL

Faculty Professional Development

In nearly every district in the country, student demographics are changing and shifting constantly, and if teachers are not prepared to meet the learning needs of their diverse communities, we risk falling behind.  A former teacher and avid consumer of research, Jamie offers professional development that helps teachers ensure that they meet the many learning needs of their diverse student populations. He offers customizable, community-specific trainings in the following areas:

  • Culturally-Responsive Differentiated Instruction
  • Building Safe and Inclusive Classroom Environments
  • Building a Safe and Inclusive School-Wide Culture
  • Making Your Classroom a "Safe Zone" for LGBTQ Students
  • Breaking Down the Walls of Identity that Separate Us from Our Students