Business 2 Community


B2C: The Business2Community Initiative is an effort to use inclusiveness programming to build stronger relationships between your business and the community you serve.  Any business that hires Jamie for consulting or training may to choose one middle school or high school in their area at which Jamie will present at no additional cost*.

In doing so, businesses can take important steps toward building a more inclusive business environment while:

  • Providing much-needed diversity programming to budget-constrained schools.

  • Providing a tax-deductible service to the community.

  • Building stronger relationships with the community while demonstrating a commitment to educational development.

Show your commitment to your community by contacting Global Ascension Productions to book your B2C programming today!

*Geographical and Programming Restrictions Apply.  Any additional travel expenses incurred in speaking at the school of choice will be incurred by the business.

The Benefits of B2C

Affordable Professional Development

Improve your business practices with cost-effective professional training that can help you ensure that you serve your clients and employees with the most inclusive environment possible.

Connection with Your Community

Develop a lasting relationship with a school community in your area.  Schools are in dire need of bullying prevention and diversity and inclusion programming that you can provide through the B2C program.

Earn a Tax Write-Off

Your fee for Jamie’s consulting or training services can be structured as a donation to the school of your choice so that you are able to write off these services in your next tax filing.

Build an Inclusive Work Environment

Studies show that when employees feel safe and included in their work environment, they are more productive and have a lower turnover rate.  Ensure that your employees are best serving your clients by building a more inclusive work environment through Jamie’s consulting and training.