Corporate/Non-Profit Consulting

With an ever-diversifying work environment, Jamie offers professional consulting and programming to help businesses and non-profits meet the needs of diverse clients and employees while creating safe and welcoming work environments.  Whether you're looking for a one-time training or for on-going consulting services, Jamie has programming for you.   Always working to meet every client need, Jamie offers a unique approach to diversity and inclusiveness consulting that will ensure a more open and welcoming workplace.

Inclusiveness Trainings

Jamie also offers professional presentations for work-place inclusiveness efforts, geared toward starting tough yet productive workplace conversations around issues of race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, religion, class, and ability. 

Training topics include:

  • The Wall: Understanding One's Own Barriers to Building an Inclusive Workplace
  • Privilege in the Workplace: Creating Accountable Working Relationships Across Difference
  • Serving Diverse Client Needs
  • Identity Listening: Active Listening as Vital to Management and Workplace Culture

Trainings can also be customized to meet your specific business needs.

The Consultation Process

Gathering the Data: One of the most difficult obstacles to building an inclusive workplace is diagnosing the problem.  Part of any of Jamie's short-term or long-term consultation, then, is an anonymous Organizational Inclusiveness Survey (OIS) designed specifically to meet your organization's needs.  Following the OIS, Jamie conducts in-depth interviews with strategic members of your team to get a more complete portrait of your inclusiveness successes and growth points.

The Inclusiveness Report: Then, based on the OIS and interview data, Jamie will prepare a comprehensive Inclusiveness Report that highlights your organizations strengths and growth points in building an inclusive environment.

Responsive Trainings: From there, Jamie offers a variety of trainings to help meet your organizations specific professional development needs based on the Inclusiveness Report.

Evaluation and Response: Finally, Jamie meets with key members of your team to evaluate the consultation process and to determine the best steps going forward for building an inclusive work environment after the consultation process.

The Business2Community Initiative

The Business2Community Initiative is an effort to build stronger connections between you and the community you serve through the lens of diversity and inclusiveness programming. Any business that hires Jamie for consulting or training services may choose a school in its local community at which Jamie will work at no extra cost.  This allows the business to simultaneously receive high-quality diversity and inclusiveness consulting and training  while making a tax-deductible donation to a local school community.  Learn more at the Business2Community page

Collaboration with The Clark Group

Jamie is proud to offer collaborative consulting and training with Cheryl Clark, founder and CEO of The Clark Group, a Denver-based consulting firm. Recognizing that sometimes audiences hear people of different genders and different races differently, Jamie and Cheryl offer a variety of trainings and consulting services that meet the diverse needs of your diverse staff and client population.

Offering trainings on Privilege in the WorkplaceListening Across Difference, and Neighboring Philosophy of Non-Profit Service.

Additionally, because African American women make an average of 69 cents for each dollar that a White man makes, Jamie and Cheryl hope to encourage a conversation about pay equity in your organization with their fee, as they split their fee with Jamie making 69 cents of every dollar that Cheryl makes in their fee structure.