Inspiring and thought-provoking, Jamie Utt is a powerful and dynamic voice for a better world. His workshops and presentations combine his personal experience with societal analysis to offer audiences constructive ways to approach difficult topics in multiple content areas. However, what sets Jamie apart from other consultants is his ability to actively build a relationship with each and every audience, large or small, through his reflective stories, interactive programming, and unique perspective. His high-impact workshops, presentations, and trainings are sure to bring your audience to their feet and keep them thinking critically about how to work for positive change.

Diversity and Inclusion

Jamie's diversity and inclusion programming stems from the philosophy that if we hope to change the world around us for the better, we must start with ourselves. Learn more about his workshops and keynotes on issues of diversity, inclusion, power, oppression, and privilege. Featuring: "The Wall"

Bullying Prevention

To tackle the pervasive problem of bullying, we must begin to address the specific nature of the bullying behavior. Jamie's bullying prevention curriculum, CivilSchools, consists of trainings and keynotes as well as a multi-part, comprehensive bullying prevention curriculum and training program for school communities meant to end bullying before it begins. Learn more on the Bullying Prevention page. Featuring: "The Antidote" and "CivilSchools".    

Student Leadership and Motivation

It's time that student leadership presentations and workshops were about more than "motivational speakers." Jamie's content empowers young leaders with tools to see themselves as agents for change and to become UPstanders for positive school culture. Featuring: "Are You the 100th Monkey?"    

Corporate/Non-Profit Consulting

One of the most brilliant business strategies of the 21st century is to realize that inclusiveness is about more than risk management. It is about ensuring that employees feel safe, welcome, and included so that each can work at their highest potential, and it is about ensuring clients feel welcome and understood by your business. Whether you're a non-profit or a mid-sized corporation, Jamie's consulting services can help you get the most out of your diverse community. Offering diagnostic services and long-term and short-term consulting, Jamie Utt can help you build the most inclusive business model possible. Featuring: Collaboration with The Clark Group consulting services