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  1. How much does it cost to bring Jamie to my community?

    Pricing can depend on a number of factors including: time of year, location of event, and costs of travel.  For most clients, Global Ascension Productions charges a daily consultant/presenter fee plus travel costs (flight + hotel + car rental).  For ongoing consulting services, fees can be structured in an hourly or lump sum basis.  To find out specifics for your community, fill out the form above or call Eric Thompson today!

  2. Are there ways to bring down the costs of bringing Jamie?

    Absolutely! The two most common ways are through cost sharing and the Business2Community program.  Cost sharing simply means bringing on board other clients in your area.  By splitting travel costs, your fee is sure to go down, and when you bring on another client, we reduce your fee!  B2C is an initiative whereby for-profit companies who hire someone from Global Ascension Productions for training or consulting can choose a school or non-profit in their area with whom that presenter will work at no cost!  Learn more about B2C.

  3. Can Jamie travel to really rural areas?

    Yes, and he does often.  The best way to make it possible for Jamie to travel to a rural area is to share costs among many schools in the area.  Global Ascension Production’s general policy for cost sharing allows schools within a 2-hour driving distance to split travel costs and lower speaking fees.

  4. When we hire Jamie at his daily rate, what all can that include?

    Jamie's philosophy is, "Once you've hired me, put me to work!"  A daily rate can include up to 4 presentations or trainings, time permitting.  This can include leadership trainings, in-depth workshops, assembly programming, or staff development trainings.  See Jamie’s Services page for more information about available programming.

  5. How effective is Jamie’s programming and curriculum?

    Every program that Jamie designs is research-based.  He is not the type of person to say, "I have a great idea, so it must be good for everyone!"  He's the type to say, "I have a great idea!  I wonder if the research bears it out?"  As such, you can guarantee that the programming he provides, when approached from a comprehensive perspective, will have powerful impacts.

    To learn about the impact of diversity and inclusion programming like Jamie’s, check out his recent piece from Education News Colorado.

  6. How do we reinforce Jamie’s teachings after he leaves?

    This is one of the most important questions we are asked.  If you are looking for a "one and done" assembly program or training, Jamie's not the consultant for you.  Research proves that one-day, isolated programming is, frankly, a waste of money.  In turn, Jamie works with any client that is willing to develop and envision ways to continue the messaging and programming beyond a one-day event.

  7. Does Jamie have any sort of intensive training program that we can work through at our own pace?

    For companies or organizations that are interested in long-term consultation, Jamie offers continuing education programming and services. For communities unable to access long-term consultation, It is Jamie's goal to eventually have multiple video seminar series for each area of content he provides.  For now, Jamie offers schools a comprehensive bullying prevention curriculum meant to engage each sector of the school community at their own pace.  Visit his Bullying Prevention page to learn more.



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